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A Gateway to Music: Getting Deep with Toronto RAP Musician, Yongefame

Ishmael Matthias, also known as Yongefame, is a passionate and talented RAP and Hip-Hop artist breaking out of the Toronto scene. In the fall of 2022, surrounding the release of his song “3vil 3ye,” I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his music and what it’s been like discovering his own, unique sound. We started off by talking a little bit about the song “3vil 3ye,” itself, which I highly recommend to anyone in need of motivation. The lyrics are a great representation of the young artist’s values by portraying an individual who strives for a better life through self-improvement. Inspired by personal experience, Yongefame speaks against those who have tried to keep him from succeeding in the past, but for this breakout artist there is no competition, it’s just him against himself.

Yongefame also spoke out about his struggles with depression and how music has been the best coping mechanism by far. Like many others who struggle with their mental health, Matthias first tried other means of coping like substances and sex but nothing compared to the healing effects of music and pure self-expression. Additionally, his art allows him to connect with others who face the same challenges. When I asked him what message was behind his music, the artist simply put it this way “I wanna tell my audience they’re not alone, we’re all in the same fucking boat.” I loved this answer because it reminds listeners of the big cosmic accident we’re all experiencing together.

Aiming to connect with others through the therapeutic effects of music, Yongefame writes lyrics that focus on being honest with who you are and getting in touch with your feelings. There is no doubt in my mind that Yongefame will gain mainstream notoriety as each and every song is not only a banger that screams success but is a mantra for it as well. Unable to tell us about any upcoming projects, Yongefame keeps his future prospects to himself but invites us to join him on this hectic journey. You can find all his social media links below as well as a link to the full audio interview and an original transcription. Thanks for reading :)


Make sure to check out Yongefame's latest single here:

And his music video, 'Feels Right' here:

Want more Yongefame? Be sure to check out his socials below for more music and upcoming videos :)

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