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Welcome, welcome to our first online artist feature. Part of Clown Houses' mission is to uplift artists of all varieties by sharing our platform. If you know an artist who'd like to be featured, send them our way! Now, for the main attraction, Hailey Bowden.

Every now and then scrollin' thru the gram you come across an absolute gem of an artist. The current gem is Hailey Bowden, a twenty year old artist out of London, Ontario.

Bowden is a mixed media artist working with a range of materials -- oils, acrylic, wax and integrating 3D elements with some sewing on the side. Working with such a wide variety of mediums, Bowden also incorporates a wide range of colours and textures that make her work stand out.

Rufuth, prints available here.

The clown offers bright, funky fun colours that align with Bowden's eye-catching style. There's also an element of fear associated with the clown, with Hailey subverts by emphasizing the the fun-ness and the bright-ness found in a circus.

Circus of Butterflies

See those butterflies and that blue button? They aren't painted, but handcrafted and added to the canvas for an extra 'pop'.

Bowden grew up on a farm, closely connected to nature. She'd chase frogs with her sister, hunting for them after school. This connection ties into her work as she creates, with a focus on butterflies and frogs.

"I have a close connection to nature, it's where I feel most at peace. The butterflies give off an ethereal look, and it just gives that extra little sparkle that ties it all together. For the frogs --- it's genuinely just an obsession."

And can you blame her when they look so cute?

Bowden has been an artist her whole life and started painting professionally in 2021. She also makes handcrafted jewelry and plush. Check out her Esty here.

As Bowden continues to create, she's decided to focus on continuing to experiment with different mediums, colours and textures, but also allowing for more personal meanings to come through in her art.

My entire time being an artist most works I've made are random ideas or commissioned based. I want to start creating work that will make people feel or resonate with. Something a little bit more personal ... I want to work more on the connection I can bring through art, to people.

To follow Bowden's journey, be sure to follow her socials: Instagram and TikTok.

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